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Sex Education

Secrets of Your Erotic Body

The Anatomy and Energy of Arousal

(Powerpoint presentations and discussion, open to all)

Reclaim your pride in your own amazingly complex and powerfully magical 

sexual organs!

  • Where are the potent special sexual spots rich in nerve endings and energy, and how can you use them?

  • How does male and female energy build and flow, and how can we cultivate it inside ourselves and with others?

  • What is happening when men have multiple orgasms without ejaculation, and women ejaculate?

  • What is the difference between electrical and magnetic orgasms?

  • What are the healing properties of our sexual fluids?
  •         How can you circulate sexual energy consciously and extend sexual pleasure?
  •         How do erections happen, and why don't they happen?

Come learn some little known facts, Taoist breathing and energy practices for sexual health, and bring your questions and experiences to share in our lively discussion period.

We will explore:

*Pelvic Breathing & stretching- Bringing aliveness to the pelvic area for more health and extending sexual pleasure

* The amazing and complex structure of both male and female genital organs, in two powerpoint presentations

* Taoist reflexology zones hidden in them, used for health and vitality

* The electrical and magnetic poles of the erotic body, and how to use them in lovemaking

* Pulling up energy through the microcosmic orbit, to balance excess heat in the genitals or the head.

* Exploring our own experiences and attitudes toward our sexual areas

No nudity or sexual activity in this class. A great way to meet interesting people and have an open, honest discussion!

4 hours

Body Centered
Peer Therapy

Returning to the infant state, being cradled in loving arms, letting go and trusting…

(Do you get enough of that?)

Come join us for a powerful and healing event!

A version of inner child therapy, this process works with accessing the infant self 

and memories still stored in our deep subconscious and cellular memory.  

By using ritual, hypnotic induction, massage, touch, sound and spoken words, 

we open a direct channel back to that time and those experiences around birth.  Both men and women can give, and receive. 

This Tantric healing practice addresses the pain that many of us experienced as infants in our birth traumas, 

and the lack of enough skin to skin contact and breast feeding from our mothers after birth.  

        People attending beginning class do not need to come with a partner.  We will be trading a number of shorter sessions with same gender and opposite gender pairs, so we can experience being both mothered and fathered.

        We will give the women an option to offer the Advanced form, which includes nuzzling and touching the breasts, and the offering of a breast for suckling, as we have found that the actual shape and texture of a real breast is the best for effectively changing the deepest patterning. Women offering this first trade with another woman so they get a change to receive as well.  Then they may offer it to a man.

This workshop is not for beginners in personal growth work.  Please have some experience with counseling and healing work.

There will be upper body nudity, and close body contact, but no sexual activity in this class. 

4 hours

Conscious Connections

"Unity is found in Stillness" -Amara

Snuggle Meditations

Where the Body, Soul and Awakened Mind Meet

Closeness, awakening, presence, 

deep relaxation, nurturing touch, peace, 

consent- rolled all together at once.

Sound good?

Where is the elusive boundary where one person ends 

and another begins?

What happens in your brain after you hug someone a full 30 seconds?

What happens when nothing outward is happening? 


What happens when we dwell together in stillness and silence?

What happens when all the performance pressure is off, and are just together with no agenda but presence?

Magic happens.

Snuggle Power: A certain kind of deep, sub-conscious healing happens simply by being close, and letting our hearts and breathing synchronize.  

Meditation: A deep harmonizing of all the chakras and energies happens when we engage in meditation.

Putting both these powerful things together creates amazing transformation.

Many people do not have enough touch in their lives, and many people need help simply relaxing and letting go.

Come join us for a special kind of snuggle ceremony, where we hold each other close, fully clothed.  We relax while we stay present and aware, and focus our awareness on various meditations on being together.

Learn tools for using in any relationship to increase intimacy....Come alone, with a partner, or bring your friends! 

We will begin with an overview of some basic principles of consensual, platonic touch.

We will include various hugging meditations, breathing awareness, eye gazing, focusing on our energy connections, stillness meditations while holding each other, and other connecting exercises.

2 hours

Tantra Ceremonies

Connections Tantra Puja

You are invited to join us in celebrating the Light inside ourselves and each other.  We will create a safe space for deep connection, respectful sensuality and intimacy, creative movement, play and touch. You will connect with friends of both genders in a series of guided rituals that encourage you to be fully present as you share touch, eye contact, breathing, singing, toning, massage, meaningful conversation, etc.  3 hours, one evening event.

Sacred Pampering Puja

 We can do a lot to help each other feel happy and nurtured in this sensual, yet non-sexual event.

Our pampering practices will be massage, compassionate listening as they share whatever is in their heart, cuddles or cradling as the receiver wishes, head pampering (hairbrushing, head or face massage, eye gazing) as the receiver wishes, contact improv dancing to lovely music. and sensory meditations as the person lays blindfolded.

Sacred Body Puja

A powerful ritual where we create a sacred space to adore and honor each other's physical forms as the magical, amazing, divine creations that they are.  

We use fantasy and imagery, costumes, offerings, and light, reverent non-sexual touch to step out of our usual personalities and drop into deeper levels of awareness. This puja will have a clothing optional segment, for those who wish to be "skyclad".  

Please be comfortable with group nudity, and bring flowers and sacred objects and jewelry for offerings.  (You will take your offerings home again at the end).

The ritual requires a warm enough space to be without clothing.

Weddings and Ceremonies

Rev. Amara Karuna

Minister, Teacher

Specializing in nondenominational,


interfaith and customized services.

Amara is a minister, Sheikha (teacher) and initiator on the Sufi path, and has been studying that path, which encourages honoring of all religions, since 1983. She served as Secretary, and then Chairperson, on the Core of the International Council for the Dances of Universal Peace, which are a form of spiritual folk dances.   She has created and staffed many weekend Dance workshops.

            She is a minister of the Service of Universal Peace, an interfaith worship service that honors many traditions at one time, and has led many of these events, as well as weddings and other ceremonies of life passages, such as coming of age rituals.

           She also has led and participated in many Goddess song circles, camps and Neo-pagan rituals since 1980, being attracted to the honoring of Nature, women and the natural cycles, and continues to offer these. Lately she has been studying Hawaiian spirit

Other Services

 Amara is available for baby and house blessings,

funerals and other rites of passage.

Also she offers individual and couples counseling with a spiritual perspective.


Class Menu: 
Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Trainings

This is a chance to learn to give and receive nurturing to the pelvis, perineum and genital area within a context of safe therapeutic sessions, which can be exchanged between partners or friends. The focus for this event is to create a warm, loving and safe space for exploring sexual healing and pelvic release massage in an experiential way.

        This is very deep work that touches into our core channel energies, and can bring up strong emotions and be very transformative.  It is wonderful for healing any issues around sexuality, body image and for expanding our capacity for aliveness, pleasure, juiciness and full body orgasms.

        Amara's intention is to make this work available at an affordable rate, since many similar trainings are not accessible without a lot of time and cost.

Introduction to Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage

Part 1: Introduction, Clothed Self Massage and Buttock Massage

4 hours Pre-requisite to Part 2 and 3

        The simple act of sharing loving touch is a deeply powerful practice that most of us would like to have more often.  The focus for this event is to create a warm, loving and safe space for exploring sexual healing and pelvic release massage in an experiential way.

        This is a totally unique and amazing kind of slow and penetrating touch on the pelvic area, which most people have never experienced.  It is relaxing, nurturing and arousing all at once.  Treat yourself!

        This class is an introduction to the techniques and theory of sacred nurturing massage to the pelvis, perineum and genital area.   Learn how to share slow and nurturing healing touch with your lovers and friends.

        This massage is extremely powerful and effective to prepare for birthing, and for the general health of the pelvic area. It is great for healing traumas, improving sexual experiences, and deepening sacredness in relationships.

 This will be an overview of the work, including external self massage, discussion, and will not include nudity.  You do not need to attend with a friend.  We will do self massage around our own pelvic and external genital area, with clothes on.  Wear loose clothes.  We will also exchange some awesome massage of the buttocks!

Open to all, no experience needed, no nudity.

Part 2  Demos and instruction on Nurturing Women and Men

This class will include a demonstration of the powerful external and internal massage techniques to open and relax the pelvic area and genitals, and a practice time in pairs.   This section is a prerequisite for those who have never taken a training with Amara, and will include anatomy, reflexology of the sexual organs, instructions on techniques and demonstrations on both male and female models.

You do not need a partner for this section. Be comfortable with group nudity and emotional release work. Not recommended for people who are beginners in healing and emotional work.

Part 3 Practice Sessions for Women and Men

This class will include a chance for hands on practice with a partner, while being guided through a series of nurturing moves.  Parts 1 and 2 are prerequisites.  We will do one session on a man, and one on a woman. The focus will be on nurturing touch, and not on sexual stimulation, although we are open to that occurring.

Topics include:

*Discussion and sharing around our past sexual experiences

*Nurturing touch of the hip and pelvic area, perineum, and internal massage of the "Sacred Spot" and prostate massage.  (All techniques are optional; you choose to have internal work or not.)

*Various massage techniques for releasing adhesions in the tissues around the genitals

This class is open to new students and people who have taken this training before, who want to attend and practice.

You must attend with a partner who you know.  Same sex partners are fine.  If you do not have a partner, you might find one at the introductory class Part 1.

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