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Reclaim your pride in your amazingly complex and


powerfully magical sexual organs! 

Learn how to use them for health, awakening and off the charts pleasure!

* Learn Your Body- A fascinating slideshow presentation on our amazing and complex erotic structures, both physical and energetic

* Expand Pleasure with Taoist reflexology zones hidden in the genitals, used for health and vitality

* The differences in how male and female sexual energies move

* 8 simple self practices to Move Your Chi- Energetic techniques to balance excess heat in the genitals or the head, control ejaculation, extend orgasm and heal the prostate

* Things you never learned in Sex Ed- Understand how we got here with little known tidbits from our sexual history

* 10 tips on becoming a more skillful lover

* Sharing our own experiences and attitudes toward our sexual areas

* Integrating Sex with Spirit- Loving your sexual self

No nudity or sexual activity in this class.

 A great way to meet interesting people and have an open, honest discussion!  

No experience needed.

Secrets of the Wand of Light 

Yoni Secrets: 

Exploring the Hidden Flower

Male Anatomy of Arousal and Taoist Sexual Energetics

• Where are potent special sexual spots rich in nerve endings and energy, and how can you use them?

• How do male and female energies build & flow, & how can we cultivate them inside ourselves and with others?

• What occurs when men have multiple orgasms without ejaculation?

• How do electrical and magnetic orgasms  differ?

• What are the healing properties of semen?

• How can you circulate sexual energy consciously and extend sexual pleasure?

• How do erections happen, and why don't they happen?

Female Anatomy and Energetics of Arousal 

Break free of any sexual shame and be amazed at the intricate beauty of your body!

• Did you know that women have as much erectile tissue as men?  Where do we find it?

• Where are the hidden parts of the clitoris, and how can you pleasure them?

• What is amrita?  What are the secrets for women to learn to ejaculate, and why would you want to learn that?  

• What types of yonis are there and how does that affect sexual pleasure?

• Where is the female prostate and what is it for?  

• How does the female body support or fight off sperm? 

Come explore the secrets of the YoniVerse, and learn practices that increase sexual health and pleasure. 


"What a fantastic experience! An absolutely awesome presentation of unknown erotic knowledge. THANK YOU SO MUCH....AMARA!!!"     

~ Chris Luth, Tantra Teacher, San Diego, CA


" Amara Karuna is Amazing...This slideshow is Life Changing! 

I Highly recommend this event." 

- Kamala Devi, Tantra Teacher, Sexuality Educator, San Diego, CA


"Taking Amara's class has enriched our erotic lives immensely. Not only has it provided extremely helpful geographic references to the pelvis, with techniques to dislodge energy blockages, it has enhanced our physical bond, and increased our capacity to experience pleasure. 

We've learned how to create and circulate beneficial Chi energy. Almost immediately after having finished the class with Amara, we were able to significantly experience all of the above.

We highly recommend this class to anyone."




"Amara's teaching is quite wonderful, and she is well loved at the New Culture camps. I highly recommend attending what she offers."

 - Evalena Rose, Tantra teacher, Sebastopol, CA


"The information was well documented and Amara presented the information with a sense of grace. She allowed us to participate with questions and comments which made the class multi-dimensional."

- Nathan P, Portland OR


"Absolutely well documented class, wonderful flow and sensual breaks to keep the information body connected and sinking in. Amara created a safe container, comfortable environment and presented so much info with slides and info this former sex educator had never seen. 

Very important series here. Thanks Amara!!

- Marianna, Portland OR

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