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Beginning, intermediate and advanced trainings in peer counseling,

 and teacher training available: See calendar on FB

 Video classes, DVDs and CDs of trainings.  

Holistic Peer Counseling Training Part 1

These skills can improve health, relationships, inner peace and can be used to help your friends, children and family throughout life.  A wonderful training for anyone involved in health or healing professions, such as massage and bodywork. 

This approach is not appropriate for everyone, since it requires you to have the energy  to give as well as receive sessions.  If you are really in a life crisis, it is best to see a professional.


*Basic theory about human emotions and intelligence, how emotions get stored and stuck, how they can be released and healed, the need for calm loving attention, how to help others when they are upset, healthy ways to work with your own emotions, building a support network around yourself.

Emotional work: How emotions and thinking effect each other, giving good attention, how emotions get stored and can be released, how to build safety, inhibitions to release, bringing attention back to normal after emotional work, how to avoid getting stuck or depressed, effective change with the least suffering, what not to do as a support person, avoiding unproductive rehashing of old pain.

Spiritual Energy work:  How to maintain good psychic boundaries, basic meditation of various types, grounding, centering, being a channel for healing, visualization practice.

General skills:   Centering and clearing yourself, avoiding unaware projection onto your partner, preparing before and separating after a session.

Introductory Video:

Foundations ideas on emotion and emotional healing, with Amara Karuna teaching in Hawaii

Intermediate and Advanced classes also available.


        We will be learning the basics of the art and mystery of giving effective support to young people in this introductory class, for people who have already had the beginning co-counseling one month training.

        Children are easy to counsel, in one sense, because they are so uninhibited with expressing their feelings.  Yet they often express them quite insistently in moments which do not seem like the best times, to the adults who are attempting to manage life, get to appointments, talk on the phone, etc.

        How can be take care of our own needs and also those of our young people?  What can we do to help them grow without keeping a big backlog of acquired emotional baggage?  What gets in our way when we attempt to be present for them?  How are young people and parents oppressed by our culture?

        Come explore these questions and prepare to explore your own childhood... please come even if you are not a parent!  This is very fertile ground for fast inner growth.

Spiritually Focused Workshops and Classes:

*Psychic Healing/ Energy Work

The basics of how to sense subtle energies with the hands or inner vision, how to send healing safely, how to cleanse and purify one's own psychic space.


The essentials for psychic health: 

Grounding, centering, visualizations, breathing, concentration, boundaries, protection.

*Neo-Pagan/ Goddess Traditions

Teachings and ritual exploring this ancient Celtic tradition which is now being re-created.

*Women's ritual 
and song circles

*Healing with Sound and Music- toning and chakra clearing

* Honoring the seasonal cycles with ritual

Workshop Topics


"Thank you so much for all your tremendous experience, insight, wisdom, caring, love, compassion, patience, reassurance, walking so consistently in and through your life, and joyful laughing."

- Shana

"The work I have done with Amara has had a deep, profound impact on my life. I am so grateful to have her skilled and graceful guidance in exploring the potentially uncomfortable and mysterious terrain of both my mind and body. The heightened awareness and self-knowledge I have gained is life changing and empowering. Amara truly has a gift in providing a safe and spacious container for this kind of intimate inquiry."
Client, Student

*Relationships and Sexuality - How to create healthy relationships, how sex roles affect relationship, societal patterns around sexuality

* Polyamory Support groups-

working with open relationships and thinking out of the box in loving connections

*Communication skills- giving and receiving feedback, assertiveness

*Parent's Support groups- Oppression of parents by society, cutting through isolation, how to counsel your children, how to work with feelings about your children.

*Women's groups- Emotional support groups

*Addictions- Working on additions of all kinds, including food, drugs, sex, work, etc.

*Oppression in Society - How the attitudes of society affect our emotional health, and how that is specifically for women, men, young people, homosexuals, and different economic classes.

*Breathwork- how to use breathing for emotional healing and release

*Healing Circles- small support groups for intensive personal growth.

Comment from student:

"Amara is a great teacher because she is always fully human, never authoritarian, and she welcomes the thinking of others without surrendering her leadership of the class. All this PLUS she is courageous, sensitive, playful, accepting, vulnerable and etc, etc, etc!" -L.N.

Body Focused Classes


A chance for beginners to be guided through giving a basic massage, and then to switch and receive one as well. Handouts with the strokes explained are available.

*Psychic Healing/ Energy Work

Laying on of Hands is an ancient and simple healing technique which is surprisingly powerful and easy to do.

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