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Quotes I've always seen you as a pioneer, Amara. This way of living is something I believe in and would like to see integrated into our whole culture; being more in tune, and connected, with the earth and each other everywhere, sharing love, music, harmony, and beauty. I admire everyone who is really taking it upon themselves to model this completely in all that you do, like you and your community are. Thank you so much; what a huge contribution you are making to our planet. Quotes
Comment: "Love story For today" video

Quotes You've been a wonderful support for me in my development as a coach and facilitator, as well as in helping me explore how to give my gifts in the world. I see, yet again, how much of a gift you are to Laakea and the community of Puna, in your stand for supporting and connecting people who can benefit from each other. Quotes
Teacher and therapist

Quotes This movie (Living In Community) makes me want to go back to Hawaii! (And I think I might be doing that in several months, to GaiaYoga). I liked the music, too, and definitely the lyrics. Thank you for putting it together and posting it - I enjoyed it. Quotes
Video viewer

Quotes Dearest Amara, You continue to amaze me with your beautiful co-creations ---- the music and the pictures really touched me deeply in your video "Time With The Teacher"..? Quotes
Jamilla Nur
Dance Leader

Quotes Your lovely movie and song moved me to sweet nostalgia and gratitude for what we shared and still share. ?And through your films, your songs, your healing work, your creativity, you remind us all that hearts are connected always, and that anything that contributes to world healing is worth doing. Thank you for your huge contributions to everyone. In Much Love and Appreciation to you, dear one, M? Quotes
Student and client

Quotes Thank you so much for your presence, and the gifts for leadership and facilitation that you shared on Sunday. You created a beautiful experience and there continue to be many ripples for us as individuals and for the community as a whole. Love, Amberllyn Quotes
Ritual participant

Quotes The co-counseling meeting on Monday was really wonderful for me, and I left feeling very inspired. I am really impressed at your expertise, as it really helped me process a lot in a very short amount of time. Your technique of touch was perfect. I hope to come more regularly once it resumes. Love and Blessings, allan Quotes
Co-counseling student

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