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Quotes Taking Amara's class has enriched our erotic lives immensely. Not only has it provided extremely helpful geographic references to the pelvis, with techniques to dislodge energy blockages, it has enhanced our physical bond, and increased our capacity to experience pleasure. We've learned how to create and circulate beneficial Chi energy. Almost immediately after having finished the class with Amara, we were able to significantly experience all of the above. We highly recommend this class to anyone. Quotes
JM/JM Medford

Quotes thank you so much for all your tremendous experience, insight, wisdom, caring, love, compassion, patience, reassurance, walking so consistently in and through your life, and joyful laughing. Quotes

Quotes Amara was my first Re-Evaluation (R.C.) counselor who went on to develop her own form of peer counseling called Wholistic Peer Support . I studied with her in 1995-1997 and with her encouragement and role modeling, I developed and continue to teach Holistic Peer Counseling . I owe Amara more than I can express here. Her healing and wisdom have dramatically altered the course of my life in a myriad of beneficial ways that are both obvious and subtle. I have thrived and bloomed under her mentorship. She continues to be a great source of love and inspiration that is palpable in both my daily spiritual practices and my healing sessions with other people Quotes
Teri Ciacchi
Student, teacher, counselor

Quotes Taking the Heart Beat Nurturing Therapy class was a profound experience in and of itself. It caused such a degree of de-armoring, of "getting real," that it took my whole life and forced the moment to its crisis, so to?speak. It laid bare whatever was not working authentically and also what was authentically true about me and my life. In less than 24 hrs my vision, being so cleared, produced the action steps that provide the context for my destiny, if you will. All the pieces fell into place perfectly and my understanding, too. It was so fast and amazing as to feel miraculous. I feel blessed by your presence and your class. Quotes
Client, Counseling teacher

Quotes The work I have done with Amara has had a deep, profound impact on my life. I am so grateful to have her skilled and graceful guidance in exploring the potentially uncomfortable and mysterious terrain of both my mind and body. The heightened awareness and self-knowledge I have gained is life changing and empowering. Amara truly has a gift in providing a safe and spacious container for this kind of intimate inquiry. Quotes
Client, Student

Quotes Absolutely well documented class, wonderful flow and sensual breaks to keep the information body connected and sinking in. Amara created a safe container, comfortable environment and presented so much info with slides and info this former sex educator had never seen. Very important series here. Thanks Amara!! Quotes
Former Sex Educator

Quotes I really feel a lot of appreciation for you as a dance leader and the depth you lead people into, as well as your sharing of the leadership with so many. Thank you for all you have given to me and so many others! Quotes
Dance student and leader

Quotes i'm sending you some expansive and thickly deep love and gratitude for your love and support on my path. i'm doing well. i'm so much more centered and peaceful and less dominated by my fears and i am so deeply grateful for this. i have more space, and can just notice, accept, and feel my fears and sadness when they come up and that is just so delicious. please receive my love and gratitude and bowing to you as a teacher and inspiration for me. Quotes
Marta G
Student, client

Quotes Thank you for sharing the deep, humble, articulate, accessible and pertinent wisdom that you have earned on your evolutionary path and inspiring me to access more of my own strengths. I feel more in touch than ever, and am on the edge of a new beginning where I can further explore the myriad of possibilities that lie ahead. I am truly blessed to have met you in this world.I am looking forward to working with you more in the future. Beautiful Blessings and loving gratitude to you. Quotes

Quotes Working with Amara was a immensely grounding and healing experince. At once I felt listened to in a deep witnessed kind of way and also encouraged to not get stuck in the stories I have about my self. She has the ability to create a safe space for great healing to move though while at the same time bringing divine blessings in. I would not hesitate to reccomend her work to anyone on a healing journey. Quotes

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